The firm treats overflowing with kinds of coconut and rose! These Coconut Rose Cookies are ideal for gifting during the merry season.

They are delicately improved and loaded up with a sweet smell from the rose water.

a heap of treats on a plate with more treats as an afterthought

We as a whole love treats, isn’t that right? I never need the motivation to heat them however the bubbly season gives that additional prod to prepare a few.

Nankhatai is my Indian treat, the kinds of ghee, cardamom, and that brittle surface, it is only a joy to the taste buds. I was attempting to make something comparative on lines of nakhatai however with various flavors and wound up with these Coconut Rose Cookies!

They have loads of coconut in them, there’s ghee and there’s a rose. Delicate flavors and one ideal treat for these special seasons.

Coconut and rose mix is one of my favs and I have utilized it before in this kalakand formula, so I utilized similar flavors here yet with a change. I didn’t utilize rose syrup here like in kalakand formula yet instead utilized rose water.

These Coconut Rose Cookies

✔are eggless and firm.

✔are extraordinary with espresso or chai.

✔make an extraordinary eatable present for these special seasons!

✔require few fixings and are anything but difficult to make.

These treats can’t be more straightforward to make. You in a real sense need like 10 minutes to unite the mixture. What’s more, when the mixture is done, you cool the batter for 20 minutes, at that point shape into adjusting and heat.

You can even refrigerate once again in the wake of forming the balls in the event that you need to limit the spreading of the treats in the stove however I didn’t do it. They flimsy out a little in the broiler and that turns out great for me.

These treats truly utilize some essential fixings.

Generally, useful flour: otherwise known as maida is one of the primary elements for these treats. It makes the treats lighter.

Would you be able to substitute with entire wheat flour (atta)? You may yet the treats won’t be as light as the ones made with universally handy flour.

Coconut powder: the coconut flavor in these treats comes from dried up coconut powder.

I utilize the unsweetened dried up coconut powder that we find at Indian markets.

Rosewater: the rose flavor in these treats come from rose water. You can discover rose water at Indian and Middle Eastern supermarkets.

Ghee: I like the kind of ghee in these treats, all the more so on the grounds that I was attempting to reproduce something like nankhatai.

In any case, you can likewise utilize spread here, ought not to be an issue.

Powdered sugar: so I have utilized confectioners sugar here, so please utilize the equivalent. I have not tried the formula with granulated white sugar so please utilize powdered sugar as it were.

I heated these treats at 375 for 15 minutes. On the off chance that you lean toward the gentler piece, have a go at heating them for 13 minutes.

Fundamentally, I heated them until the base just began to get earthy colored, they were entirely fresh by at that point.

Store these treats in a hermetically sealed holder at room temperature and they should be useful for seven days. You can likewise pack these in little sacks and blessing to your loved ones during the special seasons.


1-In a huge bowl, whisk together flour, parched coconut powder, heating powder, cardamom powder, and salt. Put in a safe spot.

2-Now, add ghee and powdered sugar to your stand blender or utilize your hand blender.

3-Using the oar connection of the stand blender, beat the ghee and sugar until very much joined.

4-Then include the readied dry fixings and blend.

bit by bit picture collection of making coconut rose treats

5-Add rose water and blend.

6-The mixture will meet up if utilizing a stand blender. On the off chance that utilizing a hand blender, you may need to utilize your hands to unite the batter. Cover the batter with a sticker sheet and refrigerate 20 minutes.

7-Take a little segment of the mixture (around 25 grams) and move it between your palms, at that point press daintily (a tad don’t straighten it).

8-Make all treats also and mastermind on a heating sheet. Top all treats with squashed dried flower petal. Heat at 375 F degrees for around 15 minutes or until the lower part of the treats begins getting light brilliant earthy colored in shading.

bit by bit picture arrangement of making coconut rose treats

Let the treats cool totally and afterward store in a sealed shut holder at room temperature.

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