The ICC’s Board of Directors could be associated with a three-round democratic cycle to choose the following autonomous executive between Greg Barclay and Imran Khwaja in the event that the enchantment figure of 11 isn’t reached at the main tally.

The ICC’s yearly quarterly gathering started on Monday and the electronic democratic cycle will include the 16 governing body — 12 from full part (Test-playing countries), three partner nations, and one free female chief (Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo).

Barclay of New Zealand or Khwaja of Singapore will require in any event 11 votes (2/third dominant part) to win the races however with a cracked command, it will be hard for either to get a two-third lion’s share.

As indicated by a report in ESPNcricinfo, there will be three rounds of casting a ballot.

“In the event that neither one of the candidates gets that number of votes (after the first round), another round of casting a ballot will happen – in all probability not long from now.

“Should that additionally not hurl a champ, the last round of casting a ballot will happen. In the event that there is no 66% dominant part from that point onward, at that point it is accepted that Khwaja will be delegated to the new director for a specified period. Votes are being projected electronically,” the site announced.

It is perceived that India alongside SENA nations (South Africa, England, New Zealand, and Australia) are set to decide in favor of Barclay, who backs groups playing a more two-sided arrangement which suits the budgetary model of these sheets in an unforgiving financial atmosphere.

Khwaja, then again, has the sponsorship of Pakistan Cricket Board boss Ehsan Mani and the previous Singapore cricket board boss is a backer of expanding ICC occasions which will build the income pool of partner countries.

Khwaja is presently the between time administrator since Shashank Manohar ruled against looking for a third term as director.

The Singapore based attorney is known as a Manohar comrade inside the ICC circles

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