Exemplary Kala Jamun made with khoya (dried milk solids). These little southern style balls are absorbed a sugar syrup enhanced with rose water, cardamom and saffron.

This mainstream Indian sweet are my top choice and profoundly addictive!


Kala Jamun orchestrated on an antique plate with certain lights out of sight

Gulab jamun and its cousin Kala Jamun are one of the most well known Indian desserts.

I recall as a kid both of these were consistently there at each birthday celebration that I went to. What’s more, the same was the situation with weddings.

My undisputed top choice used to be warm Kala Jamun with vanilla frozen yogurt and that too during winters in Delhi. Ahh, that is one memory everlastingly carved in my psyche!

I don’t recall mother consistently making this sweet at home, however. I mean in Indian every one of these desserts is so effectively accessible and there are such stunning sweet shops so you never want to make it.

Obviously here in the US things are extraordinary. We do have not many Indian sweet shops here yet the flavor of desserts is only no match to the desserts that we get in India. As a result of the quality that we arrive, I generally wind up making my number one dessert at home.

Particularly during Diwali, every one of my top picks is on the menu. This time around, I am making these Kala Jamuns.

What is Kala Jamun

It’s an Indian sweet made with mawa/khoya which is dried milk solids.

At my home mawa was constantly produced using scratch which included long periods of cooking the milk until just solids remained.

Anyway, you can likewise effectively discover it at stores. Here in the US, solidified mawa is accessible at Indian stores, I like the one from vadilal.

These dumplings made with milk solids are pan-fried and afterward dunked in a sugar syrup seasoned with cardamom, saffron, and rose water.

You can say they resemble seared doughnuts.

These can likewise be made utilizing milk powder however I favor the rendition made with khoya more.

How Is It Different from Gulab Jamun

The two desserts are basically the same, the fundamental distinction lies in shading. The kala jamuns are seared for a more extended time than gulab jamuns henceforth making them hazier in shading.

Kala=black so on the grounds that they have a dark tone due to delayed browning they are known as kala jamun.

Since they are singed for a more drawn out time, their skin is additionally minimal thicker than gulab jamun. Additionally, most Kala jamuns are full (however not generally).

The rest is the same, they utilize a similar fixing and dunked in similar sugar syrup.

a plate of Kala Jamun with one Jamun slice to show the inside

Tips to Make Kala Jamun

Much the same as with any Indian sweet, you have to remember certain things when making these at home.

The batter needs to truly delicate and smooth. I utilize new chena (by coagulating the milk) to make these kala jamuns.

The crushed mawa and new chena bring about a delicate and smooth batter. I didn’t have to add any milk to unite the batter, it met up all alone from the dampness from chena and mawa.

Make sure to utilize delicate mawa here, that is the thing that you requirement for jamuns. Additionally utilizing new chena has any kind of effect. You can utilize paneer however newly made chena works better.

PS: chena alludes to the new cheddar curds that we get subsequent to turning sour the milk. When you set it, at that point it’s called paneer. This formula for how to make paneer is the thing that you have to follow for making chena. Simply stop at the stage when the milk sours. Channel in a muslin fabric, press water, and use in the formula. You would presumably need to sour around 750 ml of milk for this measure of chena.

Continuously make sure to sear the jamuns at medium-low warmth. In this way, I have consumed these kala jamuns once in light of the fact that I seared them at low warmth for an excessive lot of time, I think around 25 minutes to accomplish that dark tone and they had a consumed taste before its finish (even intense singed at low warmth).

So for these kala jamuns, start at low-medium warmth. You should add them to tepid oil, at that point let them skim at going to the top.

When they begin drifting, at that point turn up the warmth to medium and afterward fry until they turn dark. This way they come out wonderful without consuming.

Obviously, you ought to never broil on high warmth else they will turn dark rapidly and will be half-cooked from inside. What’s more, in the event that you fry them on high warmth, they will likewise turn out hard.

The sugar syrup should be at the correct consistency all together for the Kala Jamun to absorb it. Too thick or too slight and the jamuns won’t splash the syrup.

For this formula, you don’t need any syrup or strong consistency here. You simply need the syrup to be clingy, don’t overcook the syrup else it will thicken, and afterward, jamuns will be dry and hard.

I likewise need to specify here that I made a ton of sugar syrup as I needed additional syrup so on the off chance that you need you can without much of a stretch cut this into half. It’s up to you. Just cut everything down the middle in the event that you need to make less measure of syrup and follow everything all things considered.

Do follow the specific timings for the syrup written in the formula.

Ensure the sugar syrup is warm when you add the singed jamuns to it. Likewise, remove the jamuns from the oil and quickly add them to the warm syrup. Try not to hang tight for them to chill off.


1-To an enormous plate, add mawa (this ought to be delicate mawa), and afterward squash it pleasantly utilizing your hands for 1-2 minutes making it totally smooth.

2-To same plate currently adds, chena (or on the off chance that you would prefer not to make new chena, utilize ground paneer), flour, preparing pop and cardamom powder.

3-Mix everything together utilizing your hands.

4-And structure a smooth mixture. No milk was required here and dampness from chena and mawa was sufficient to unite everything, on the off chance that the mawa you are utilizing is dry or you are utilizing paneer and it’s dry you can add milk to unite everything.

bit by bit picture arrangement of making Kala Jamun

5-This is discretionary however on the off chance that you need to stuff the jamuns, take 1 tablespoon from this mixture and add 2 tablespoons squashed nuts (cashews) and food tone to it and blend. You can likewise add saffron strands absorbed 1/2 teaspoon water here.

6-Now take a little ball, around 20 grams from the mixture and smooth it and afterward stuff it in the event that you need by taking a little sum from that readied stuffing batter.

7-Seal the mixture and move between your palm to shape a smooth round ball.

8-Make all jamuns correspondingly. Keep them covered consistently so they don’t dry out.

bit by bit picture collection of making Kala Jamun

9-Start dealing with the sugar syrup now. I make an enormous measure of syrup since I like additional syrup with these jamuns, you can undoubtedly a large portion of the measure of this syrup in the event that you like.

To make the syrup, add sugar, water, rose water, kewra water, squashed cardamom, and saffron to a dish on medium warmth.

10-Let the sugar break up and blend come to a bubble. When it comes to a bubble, add the lemon squeeze and mix. Lemon juice forestalls the crystallization of the sugar syrup.

11-Let the syrup stew on medium warmth for around 6 minutes. It ought to get clingy by at that point yet will have no string consistency. That is the correct stage to eliminate the skillet from heat. Put this aside now.

12-Heat oil with some ghee in a kadhai to sear the jamuns on low-medium warmth. You can utilize just ghee or just oil as well, I like utilizing a blend of both.

Add the readied jamuns to tepid oil. Once jamuns are in the oil, continue moving the oil around them with a spatula without contacting the jamuns so the base doesn’t get earthy colored.

bit by bit picture collection of making Kala Jamun

13-After around 6-7 minutes, they will begin gliding in oil, now divert warmth to medium from low-medium.

14-They will initially turn brilliant earthy colored in shading.

15-Fry until they turn dark, this will take around 14 to 15 minutes altogether. Try not to consume them. Eliminate them from oil utilizing a spatula.

16-Drop singed hot jamuns in the readied syrup. The syrup should be warm when you add jamuns to it (and jamuns ought to be dropped following searing them). Fry every one of them also and let them absorb the sugar syrup for at any rate 4 hours.

bit by bit picture arrangement of making Kala Jamun

Appreciate Kala Jamun warm with some vanilla frozen yogurt (that is my number one way)!

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